Saturday, 16 August 2014

Shattered Dreams?

Queens Park Rangers 0 Hull City 1

It's no secret that I am a big fan of 80s music. And as I got ready to go to Loftus Road today with a spring in my step I had Johnny Hates Jazz's 'Shattered Dreams' playing on my iPod. Completely corny but very enjoyable.

And when I watched Charlie Austin's penalty shot being saved, I thought how apt it was that when I sat down to watch the match my fellow season ticket holder Terry said something about about the fact that our euphoric post-Wembley feeling was just about to disappear.

The summer has been filled with re-runs of the 2nd leg of the semi final against Wigan, as well as re-runs of that amazing day at Wembley. In addition to a tiny bit of excitement around the World Cup, and great anticipation for new QPR signings and pre-season friendlies. Everyone's been celebrating. I've had my birthday...Barton's had another baby, we've got Rio bloody Ferdinand, and Remy has come back (for now at least). It really couldn't have got any better (apart from I would have liked to have welcomed a freeze on the season ticket price which would have saved me from begging for a few handouts and from paying in installments).

I am feeling far from despondent about today's result. In fact I'm particularly up beat. For one, we did not lose 4-0 or 5-0. And secondly, I haven't heard any excuses so far about the team needing 'time to gel'. We're such a different QPR to the one that was last in the Premier League, and we all know why, that it was so refreshing to see some good football and some effort being made. I am also not an expert in formations and tactics but the new 3-5-2 strategy was even obvious to me and I think will bode us really well in the future so long as we can service Remy and/or Austin appropriately. Work needs to be done on that side of things. I liked the look of Mutch, Ferdinand, Caulker...they were energetic and smart. Dunne put in a good shift and as always Barton was everywhere.

But oh Charlie Charlie penalty-taker Charlie, fluffing up his lines. It was almost as if the occasion had overcome him and his nerves got the better of him. Yes, credit to the goalie of course is warranted, but Charlie hesitated. He did exactly what you aren't supposed to do. Watching his head drop in shame was a little heartbreaking. Or maybe that's just because I watch football with 'girly' eyes. At least that's what my neighbour said when I said 'Charlie's haircut is really nice' (oops). It would have indeed been a fairy tale if Charlie scored his first goal in the premier league in his first game in the premier league. It would have been the icing on the cake that was Wembley, 24th May, 2014 . But dreams can't last forever and these events in life should make one stronger and prepared to come out fighting the next time around.

This season I'm going to be particularly interested in how Redknapp man manages the team with Glenn Hoddle as coach. For all Redknapp's old school style and allegedly 'crooked' ways, I tend to trust his judgement of character. We take the mickey out of 'top top lad' and 'top top professional', but there's a lot more to what he sees than I think we give him credit for sometimes. Last year we were frustrated with his 'tombola' approach and many did not believe in what he was doing. I always believed that there was some kind of method to the madness. Perhaps that was foolish. But now we look back and know that Steve Black was heavily involved in the process, with Redknapp's support. We have to give credit to Reknapp's open mindedness related to such appointments for the cohesiveness of the team as it is today. Now with Hoddle thrown in to the mix, I wonder how they will work together and what he will bring to the mix apart from the obvious experience in the new formation. What will be the dynamic, and how will players respond to it? Leadership and management are fascinating to me. And can teach us a lot about human psychology. I have high hopes for what is to come and I think I will have plenty of material to write about.

So, after a 0-1 loss, has our bubble burst? Perhaps just a little pin prick but certainly nothing to cry about.

Perhaps I am a little deluded. But hey, I'm a QPR fan after all. And at the next home match, I think I might pick something like 'Eye of the Tiger' to get dressed to.

Welcome to the new season everyone.

Emily, Queen of the Park Rangers