Thursday, 21 May 2015


Manchester City 6 Queens Park Rangers 0

Queens Park Rangers 2 Newcastle 1

Losing 6-0 is painful, but it's not like we haven't seen it before. Making up for it with a slim win over a crap team made things marginally better, but overall it's been a damp squib of an end of a season. So much so that I am planning not to use the three Leicester tickets I bought this Sunday.

QPR events and other things happening in my life have made me more philosophical than usual. I've been having lots of really 'hippy-like' talks with friends in the past couple of months...about fate, the universe and the cosmos. I wonder whether it shows my age that I still think like this sometimes . In some ways it feels like it goes against the grain of the Millennial mindset filled with aggressive ambition. I do believe that sometimes we spend so much time arguing, being negative, making politics out of nothing in supporting our team and in many other walks of life. And my answer right now is simply that maybe it's just time to let go a little.

Why am I saying all of this? It's a short blog post this time around. I've just heard news that a very beloved friend has lost his little girl to a long term illness. I found out via a message from him around 5am this morning, 6000 miles away. In my slightly hungover haze I was once reminded about what is important.

After all, when all said and done, we are left only with our souls, our integrity and the love that we have for each other.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Things to look forward to...

Queens Park Rangers 0 West Ham 0

Liverpool 2 Queens Park Rangers 1

Well it's been a little depressing hasn't it?

And I'm just looking outside at the wind and rain dreaming of warmer spring weather and summer barbecues.

So, while we get used to the thought of life back in the Champ I thought I'd think about all the lovely things we have to look forward to next season .

#1 Saturday games

Honestly, who cares about wall to wall coverage and online streams of all games when one has to contend with games on a Saturday morning or a Sunday evening? (Okay so 12 isn't morning but it sure does feel like it when you have a hangover.) One thing that's great about the Champ is the regular Saturday games at 3pm. This is great because a. you have time to recover from said hangover, and b. you have the next day to recover from the drinking you did the day before whilst dancing at the Springbok disco.

#2 More games

Well, we all know there's one thing harder than staying in the Premier League and that's winning the Championship. It's a tough season with so many games and so many teams. But isn't it just fun to have so many more games- and often two during a week? Call me greedy but I enjoy gobbling them all up.

#3 Yorkshire games

Well, this is of great importance to me personally. My Gran is from Yorkshire and this season has totally SUCKED for her because I've only made one trip to see her when I went to see the Rangers play Hull away. In the Champ she gets to see me 3 or 4 times in a season,  I stay up with her in sunny Doncaster for the weekend and get treated like a champ myself. Fish Bits of Doncaster here I come.

#4 Better beer

I'm a proper beer girl myself (none of that namby pamby lager). And one thing that's great about away games in the lower leagues, especially those 'oop north' is that the beer in many of the grounds is really rather good. AND also very cheap.

#5 No more half n' half scarves

Ahh, these scarves are the bane of any real fan's match experience. We fans of English football love a good moan, so although I'll miss growling about the half n' half scarves, I'll enjoy not seeing them at all next season and look forward to visiting new towns, new grounds and meeting some lovely fans of QPR and of other teams.

And about moaning. It's not good for you. Let's smile a bit more. Studies have shown that smiling lowers heart rate, reduces stress, puts you in a better mood, increases productivity AND encourages trust. Now who wouldn't want that eh?

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