Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Turning Point?

I write this a few hours after the MK Dons first-round FA Cup tie. I listened to it on the radio, and felt this constant pang of disappointment as I listened to the commentary. Here was QPR, a premiership team struggling to hold itself together against a League One side.

As a fan that's always going to support the boys, I guess I have to say I am pleased with the draw. But I am nervous about the fact that Warnock is already calling the game a turning point. Surely, a turning point, in the context of a wider period of time such as a football season, can only really be recognised quite some time after the event? I completely understand why there is a flurry of tweets from fans who just 'can't believe we're happy with a draw'. But if I allow myself to think for a moment that perhaps this was a turning point...perhaps it there is hope:

Now we know that the replay takes place on the 19th January. This, quite frankly is a stroke of luck. Because it means that our captain doesn't miss one of the league games he was due to miss with the three match ban he's serving. And whilst we 'could have done without' a replay, to quote the Daily Mail I wonder whether this replay (win or lose), is just that, our luck taking a turn for the better?

With Ale Faurlin potentially out with a serious leg injury - I think we do need a bit of it.

Luck that is. And I think I'll be there on the 19th!

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