Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Home sweet home

Queens Park Rangers 3 Swansea 0

I have to say it's a little bit weird writing a blog after the third home win on the trot. I am so used to writing fairly miserable content that it's hard to know what to say when I'm cheerful.

While Swansea dominated possession-wise in the first half through the 'respected' passing strategy, it was good to see QPR eventually break this down. It was almost inevitable that Swansea couldn't continue in that style and who better than Joey Barton to break the deadlock at the end of the first half with what has already been described by fans as a redemptive goal?

Man of the match? Well, who do I pick? When we got to the second half the game really opened up, and Diakite stood out for me dribbling the ball with ease and finding plenty of space. Mackie continued to show great energy and spirit which is always wonderful to watch as a fan. We all know though, that it was a team effort and perhaps we can start to feel confident that all of Hughes' meticulous preparation is finally paying off so many games down the line.

As it is a school night it's not a night to ponder over the philosophies of football or being a fan. But as promised, I thought I'd give you some tracks or songs that Rs fans on twitter said they'd like to listen to in the run up to that tough game at Old Trafford:

Eye of the tiger
We are the champions
The boys are back in town
Through the fire and the flames (Dragon Force)
'Champions your having a laugh'
'WE are the (championship) champions'
Tales from the doombox (Sub Source)
The Great Escape (theme tune)
Theme from Top Gun
Sunday bloody Sunday
Living on a prayer
Don’t stop believin'
The only way is up

My personal favourite from this eclectic selection is Tales from the Doombox, recommended by  @mrs_ajams. This band is apparently about to make it big, so look out for them. I believe you can find this track if you search youtube. It is best played very loudly and for me represents the relentless pressure of the Premier League and the drive the the QPR players need to have to play well and keep us up. Have a listen...

And as for lucky charms and our acts to bring QPR luck: well my shirt is still not washed and will not be till the end of the season. And please forgive me #qprtwitfam for forgetting all the names of entrants, but here they are:

Painting toe nails with the opposing team's colour (@mrs_ajams)
Having a 'lucky shave'
@sandyhoops is also not washing clothes and wearing same clobber for West Brom game
@kevinnwese keeps at least one can of beer in the fridge during a match

I am sure people do much more crazy stuff than the above, so feel free to send me your thoughts via twitter as always.

And here ends what is the most frivolous blog I have written yet.

Besides, I'm still only 22 minutes in to tonight's coverage of the match on my Sky Player, and I've got to savour the moment.

You Rrsssssss

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