Monday, 14 January 2013

A bit of stability

Queens Park Rangers 1 West Bromwich Albion 1

Queens Park Rangers 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0

Memories of the Chelsea match are still so fresh in my mind as I write this week's blog post. And despite still being at the bottom of the table, I am feeling happy and rather content about being a QPR supporter. I can proudly say that we are still unbeaten in 2013, which was not what I thought we would be when I walked out half way through our match against Liverpool.

It  feels as if it's been ages since I have written a blog post, as Santa has been in action this New Year. And I must say I do feel as if I can't really top his reply to me. So today's blog post is a pretty straightforward one. My view on how the last two matches have gone, and some random musings on food and entertainment related to football.

Let's start with the our FA Cup draw at home against West Brom. Like many other fans I felt that the ticket pricing was ridiculous, but unlike many others I actually bought a ticket. Why oh why, does the club not make it a tenner for adults, and free for kids in matches like this that have such low interest? And low interest was really the name of the game that day as both teams didn't look like they were particularly  bothered about winning the match. It's a real shame that some draws bring about these attitudes from the club and from players. I can't for the life of me understand why they don't try to fill the place up. A draw was probably the worst result we could have hoped for, as a replay away in the middle of important league fixtures is not quite what we need. On the other hand, isn't it better not to lose? And I was really pleased that Dyer had scored the goal, only to be disappointed that we released him a few days later. I know we can't afford a liability like Kieron given the situation we are in but the softy inside me was hoping we could keep him on a pay as you play deal. I suppose we just aren't in that luxurious position. We can't afford passengers.

So, tomorrow we face them again and I just wonder whether we will actually get through to the next round. I would be AMAZED. But if it is a home draw, please please QPR sort out the ticket prices.

Our match against Spurs was largely a dour affair as well, but dour for the right reasons. We parked the bus and made it difficult for them. I was a little disappointed that we did not bring on another striker towards the end of the match, but Harry was probably right. We couldn't get greedy and even for ten minutes open up a gap. But please, Harry...if Park is having a bad game, take him off. There's something really inconsistent about him at the moment.

The match was also a lesson for me, in just how civilised QPR fans are. I was sat in my usual ST seat, and behind me I noticed at least 3 Spurs fans. One fan was with a group of QPR supporting friends, and another right behind me was sat in one of the 'non-ST' seats that were up for general sale. I'm not entirely against people sitting in opposing fan sections. However, I do expect that those people keep their opinions to a minimum. I was shocked to be hearing all sorts of remonstrations if Spurs weren't playing well, and lots of cheering when Parker had the ball. I don't have a particularly violent streak but I was quite close to lamping him one at one stage. I knew that would obviously not be the sensible thing to do, so I just very vocally shouted my outrage at this fan's obvious outbursts. The chaps sitting next to me simply laughed at me. They thought I was hilarious...but I was so wound up. Am I the only one who would get wound up? Does anyone feel the same way I do? I'd love to hear people's opinions on this matter. So feel free to comment on this blog or tweet me on this subject.

And on that note, this weekend I have foregone my ticket at the away end at Upton Park to sit with a pal who is a West Ham fan. I am told I must be very careful and not even pretend to be a West Ham fan because apparently they are very aggressive. This is something I am obviously not used to (see above), so I am rather nervous. But yet again it absolutely confirms everything I have learned about QPR over the years. We are a family club and by and large we're a pretty pleasant and civil lot.

This can be supported by the fact that we went for a bit of a boogie post-match at the 'bok' last Saturday along with several QPR fans, and one Spurs fan. It is my understanding that he thought it was one of the best bars in West London (he having lived in the area for several years and having never been there before). Perhaps we can yet turn him in to a Rangers supporter?

Perhaps not.

In other news, I wanted to draw your attention to a fantastically funny article I read this morning in today's Metro about the fact that Premier League club kitchens have been tested by H&S and Manchester Utd and Chelsea have come up as two of the worst clubs in the country. Old Trafford is 'riddled with rats' (YUK), and apparently Stamford Bridge is serving pies that are out of date (I knew that cheese and onion pasty didn't sit well with me). Check out the article on Sportsmole to find out more.

Anyway, my hope is that I feel as upbeat as I do about QPR in the coming weeks: win, lose or draw. So far, while we haven't quite 'offloaded' a load of players, my LEAST favourite player Bosingwa is now nowhere to be found, and I'm seeing a bit of passion and pride on the pitch.

This is all I ever asked Santa for, and so far he's doing his job.

Wishing all the QPR fans a great start to the New Year.

You RRRRRRSsssss.

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