Friday, 19 April 2013


Queens Park Rangers 1 Wigan Athletic 1

Everton 2 Queens Park Rangers 0

Most people know I gave up a long time ago. It is not the reason why I've been a little more sporadic with my blog writing. I can blame that on a hectic lifestyle. If you are reading this blog, however, and think you are getting two match reports, look elsewhere. I've given up on talking about the team and how poorly we've performed. I'm in relegation party mode, and I'm going to write about a few fun things us QPR fans have been dreaming up and getting involved in as the season comes to an end and we await for the R to be printed next to our club name.

Here are top 5 QPR fan moments, ideas and thoughts for the past 2 weeks:

1. Pre-Wigan match some of the #qprtwitfam met at the Springbok. We got on to the subject of that guy who was arrested at the Everton v City match at Goodison park for warming up in a City kit on the pitch. We wondered whether we could do the same at QPR and whether anyone would notice two ladies in full QPR gear warming up with the lads? @annieqpr suggested even better - 'How about we ask if we can be mascots?' Forget the kids, perhaps we can ask Ian Taylor for a special request. Forgive me lads, the first thing I thought of was whether I could hold Julio Cesar's hand as the team entered....I know, it'll look ridiculous, but hey...if the two above are not options, how about giving us the chance to stretch/warm up on the side lines? Annie and I have been practising our knee bends, lunges and hamstring stretches. I reckon we would look 'well professional' (we've practised) . At the rate the Rangers are playing, maybe they could even get us on the pitch to score a few goals...

2. Listen to this week's QPR Podcast. My good friend @gemcricketmad made a special appearance by virtue of being an avid beer drinker (and a QPR fan of course). She appears to be one of the few people who has managed to make Paul Finney reduce swearing significantly. I'm very pleased that the podcast is inviting female QPR fans more regularly...there are plenty of us around, and we've got plenty of decent stuff to say (although I can't say the same for their hubbies who are, coincidentally, all Arsenal fans). I was extremely impressed that she made 'no comment' during the game of 'cuddles, marry, push of cliff/rid, when Cesar was mentioned. I know what I would have said (wink).

3. So, this year I will not be on holiday as the season closes and have booked myself on a train to Liverpool and bought a ticket to watch the boys play. Who was it who told me on twitter that Bosingwa would be the one to score the winning goal at Anfield that would save us from relegation? I haven't yet had to eat my hat this season. So instead, I'm planning to dye my hair blue with @gemcricketmad and @mrs_ajams. Anyone else care to join us? Or the campaign to get @paulfinney1969 to do it too - please hashtag #bluehairfinney? What's the point in wallowing? Might as well have our own fun even if the Rangers aren't.

4.  This season has been wonderful for one thing. And that's the people that I've met, and the people I've been lucky enough to get to know better. The actual matches themselves have not been the delight we hoped they would be - even at the end of last season we at least had a WLWLWLWL type of record - something to bring us up, after a downer. Now it's just down down down. Apart from beers before and after the match, with lots of lovely people. Favourite memories include: meeting @rafafernandez82 and the Springbok post-match disco. Will YOU be there tomorrow?

5. And on the subject of beer, it has been recommended by esteemed fan @gemcricketmad that we respond to @officialqpr's 'film your own match day video' tweet with a 6 second, 6 pint video. As we are banned from filming inside the ground fans are, shall we say, limited in their options. Really? Any more novel ideas for a 6 second video, tweet me. I'm still keen to try our own Harlem Shake, but perhaps we can cut it down from 30 to 6 seconds?

Shallow this blog post may be, but tired I am. And who wants to read another moaning blog about QPR? That would seriously make us all zzzzzzzzzzzzz. On that note, please could I ask everyone to tweet me any fun things they are doing as part of the #qprelegationparty. I may want to write about it in my next blog which will probably be after another loss.

For now, I sign off and dream of cuddles with Mr C.

You RRRRRRssssss

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