Sunday, 24 April 2016


Cardiff City 0 Queens Park Rangers 0

Brighton Hove Albion 4 Queens Park Rangers 0

Queens Park Rangers 1 Reading 1

So, here goes my first blog post living away from London covering three matches I didn't get to see and only one which I was able to listen to fully (well, that's if you don't count the 5 minutes of the Leyton Orient match that was covered at the beginning)!

Life has been hot here in the Philippines. It's nearly 40 degrees during the day and generally very humid. But I am lucky to be living in a place that has this weird breeze which I think might be something to do with being by the Pasig River. This isn't the prettiest river in the world, but then again Manila was never the prettiest city. Well, not since about 1945 anyway. 

I've written before about how I've constantly tried to reconcile the fact that I come from two places. Even though I was born in the Philippines and spent much of my childhood here, I love the UK dearly as well. And even though I love the UK for its safety, it's organised way, its tolerant nature and lack of corruption, I am always drawn to the chaos, the dirt and the passion of the Philippines. It will be the story of my life until I leave this world. 

So in my first few days here, I can say I am still in a period of adjustment. Everything is different. And when I am on the other side (be it here or there) I often forget how different it is, and then realise I need to change a little. Expectations simply can't be the same, whether that be about how you eat, sleep, drink, exercise, hang out with friends or family...make plans. And things that you might be disappointed with in the UK are simply just the norm here. To be fair, the same goes the other way around. Last time I returned to the UK from 18 months living here it took me over a year to adjust to life again in the UK. Life is complicated though. It isn't as simple as just being in a different place with a different culture. Whatever one is going through personally has  a huge bearing on how one behaves, and how one deals with change. Past experiences have been painful for me whether it be centred around my love life, or the illness and death of my mother. And it's very strange to now be faced with no major challenges other than my own goals and dreams. I find it very hard to be selfish. 

The last three results at QPR can only be explained as indicative of a period of adjustment. And it's no bad thing. A 4-0 hammering at Brighton was upsetting but if we're honest with ourselves, it shouldn't be a surprise. They are better than us in many ways. The other two results, showed some promise but there is obviously still some work to do. Some things will obviously need to change (giving Washington more time perhaps), and other things may improve if Jimmy continues to push his work ethic. 

I asked my friends from the Tequila Rs to give me a quote or two of their view of yesterday's match. I haven't received them yet — but I did get a 'pre-match quote' from Gary which read:  'Boring game, why is Phillips playing? Good equaliser by Chery. Ref is terrible!' With hindsight, Gary wasn't spot on, but he wasn't far off. And I suppose having thought of this in the first place is an indication of how there are some things we should surely expect, and others we simply can't predict in this time of change. 

What I can say is that, like me, living out in a different world which I may well already be familiar with from years of living here in the past, we need to be patient. I believe that the world can change, and people can change — sometimes for the better. And the things that change for the worse, well life is too short to focus energy on those things. 

So, goodbye Phillips, but please stay Jimmy. I think you have the right ideas and the strength to make difficult decisions with an understanding of the culture and the colours of the club and its fans. Perhaps, like me, you could be (to use a phrase my brother coined), a cultural chameleon. 

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