Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Queens Park Rangers 2 Charlton Athletic 1

I am thankful that my last game of the season was a win, albeit an 'ugly' one, with a beautiful goal in the final minutes courtesy of El Khayati. It felt good to be with friends and have an excuse to give them a huge hug when that goal was scored. I also celebrated afterwards at my leaving drinks with many great friends who took time out of their day to join me. I'll miss you lot! The next day I also found out I had won a bet on the Grand National - picking the name based on the old Tears For Fears hit - Everybody Wants to Rule the World (not the Take That song it was actually named after!). So all in all a positive and lucky week for the Emster.

I haven't quite figured out how I will continue writing about QPR from abroad, but I think with a bit of creative thinking and some help from friends I might just be able to do it and it might be even more amusing than usual. Watch this space.

And speaking of amusing things, the other night my neighbour reminded me of the 'radio show' that Gemma and I did 2 seasons ago for the Derby away game on Mixlr. The recording still sits on the Mixlr website and having not heard it since then I decided to have a little listen. Honestly, I had no idea just how funny it was. If you fancy a bit of light relief go to my showreel on: Showreel. I remember clearly how we were determined to make it crystal clear that no one should be listening if they were expecting any serious commentary. And as we poured glass after glass of wine, we must have sounded like the Patsy and Edina of football. And amazingly, we had about 60 listeners at one point-many of whom were not actually known to us. I honestly think there is still a gap in the market for frivolous and irreverent football humour coming from the female gender. A selection of great quotes to whet the appetite:

"If you want commentary you are in the wrong place."

"This is not professional, and it's very biased, and if there are any rude men around who are sexist you will hear this sound *sound machine plays*, and we will also be very sexist."

"Don't consider this a fact-based show."

"Richard is my neighbour, he is a big Snotts County fan, he is not actually with us today because his partner would be with us too and she would interrupt the whole time"

"Simon Thomas from Sky has over-plucked his eyebrows."

I do miss some of the old QPR podcasts that weren't always that serious. I remember the first one I went on which was called a 'spit and sawdust' episode. No special guests, no agenda. But I was in fits of laughter. The title of that podcast was 'Lucky Knickers'. Says it all really. More recently I saw the bit of controversy on twitter about the QPR Podcast a few days ago. Completely unfair really. Why complain when people are perfectly within their rights to do their own show and make their own commentary? If I could have an opinion though, I would only say that a bit more light humour would be add a bit more colour to the show... More recently I enjoyed the kids being invited on to the show. Kids always have a way of telling the God honest truth completely innocently. Was it Finney's daughter who said she supported QPR because her Dad made her? Very funny.

I fly out to Asia in 3 days and it feels unreal that the long wait of about 7 months is coming to an end. My fingers and toes are crossed that I will find as much laughter and fun in the next year as I have had with my friends and family here.


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